Conscious Community Building

I call it conscious community building when it is developed by keeping the community in mind while designing, developing, building and fostering it. Source: The Poverty Paradox: Why Most Poverty Programs Fail And How To Fix ThemĀ  As an entrepreneur, community builder, investor, etc, we constantly debate about is it good for the community? Is … Continue reading Conscious Community Building

being an ecosystem builder

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time understanding the technological impact on the human race (heard of humane tech?), policy impact on society (how social finance is creating better policy interventions?), ecosystem development impact on creating a market, and impact of communities/tribes to bring social and behavioural change. Hence, I thought of putting … Continue reading being an ecosystem builder

Kicking off “humane network” community

Humane Network is a close-knit community of well-intentioned and conscious individuals who are either in impact/VC investments or venture building or planning to build a career in this space. This is an exclusive and invite-only community. If you know, someone who fits these criteria - please do refer to them to fill this form or … Continue reading Kicking off “humane network” community