Future of Jobs in no animal' exploitation world

It’s a tough topic for me to write as some might find it contentious. No, I am not going to share my perspective on AI and the future of work in this write-up, but share around being human, empathetic and humane in the 21st century.

In the education and employability space, we discuss a lot on 21st-century skills (which means building empathy for animals) and future of jobs (means moving from animal factory farming to jobs created by vegan businesses).

Is 21st century all about technology and machines taking over the world?

I think it’s also about evolving human nature, exploring ways to be more conscious, humane and create a more impactful world. It’s high time for us to create a humane world, not just by empathizing with humans, but also with the planet and animals.

It’s about extending our empathy circle and bring planet and animals into the empathy circle that we already have for humans.

I don’t want to touch too many things in this brief blog but basically, but I want to cover the piece around what will happen to the jobs in animal agriculture in the future? These following industries are going to go away :

  • Meat
  • Leather
  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Etc, anything related to animal exploitation

We need to pull up our pants and be ready for vegan and plant-based food wave because it’s about saving the planet, reducing the carbon footprint and stop the mass murdering of animals. We need to reshape the future of food and agriculture industry. It involves serious thinking around nutrition, food technology, habits, behavior, skilling the future generation and reskilling the existing workers for new jobs that vegan/ conscious businesses will create. It is a revolution in process, like when we moved from horse-drawn carriages to motor cars, and those carriage drivers and stableboys found other work. We need to shift to plant-based foods to avoid damaging the health and environment and improve the work conditions without the slaughterhouse trauma, human trafficking associated with fishing and other abusive working practices common in animal processing plants.

The vegan businesses can help support this transition by creating employment opportunities (or micro-entrepreneurs) and conscious or impact or responsible or VC investors investing in vegan businesses. Being in impact and responsible investing space, I feel the urgency to drive more capital in vegan businesses and plant-based food businesses.

As a key takeaway, I highly recommend to every impact investor/social enterprise to listen to this podcast by Knowledge@Wharton http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/climate-change-food/


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