Podcast: linking farm to plate to planet health

Meat is Murder?

“I think if there were ways to make the public more aware of what goes on, that actually could have a pretty big impact on people’s meat consumption.” – Brian Berkey

Meat and Climate Change? Individual Actions?

“Is climate change really going to be any worse if I order a steak at the restaurant that I’m going to tonight? It seems like that’s just such a small thing in the global scheme of things……on the one hand, we need to think about these issues from a global perspective. On the other hand, doing that at the level of the individual can make any effort that we might make seem entirely trivial.” – Brian Berkey

Economic Development and Meat Consumption? “How do we engage those economies [where people think] that they are able to eat meat because they finally are not as poor as they used to be?” – Karen Glanz

What can we learn from recycling? “I think of recycling as an example. That was kind of a fringe-y thing to do four decades ago; now it’s completely mainstream.” – Karen Glanz

Such a great podcast by Wharton’s Brian Berkey and Penn’s Karen Glanz.


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